What makes a workplace great?

Great workplaces are made, not born. They are the result of people working together as a team to achieve the objectives of the company they work for. And teamwork is achieved when systems are in place to support its positive growth. This means attention to the little things like a clean and functional refrigerator in the break room, or the bigger ones like good training programs that give people the confidence to do their jobs well, and accessible leadership. A great workplace promotes open communication and feedback from both managers and employees. It is a place where individual skills and accomplishments are appreciated and one where people listen and are proactive.

Employees of cooperatives often have higher expectations of their place of employment. They want to see the mission in action—not just out in the community—but for the benefit of the workplace too. In this issue of Solutions, human resource consultants Carolee Colter and Melanie Reid discuss the elements of a great workplace. They share what excellent employers do and how different approaches to workplace communication make all the difference. The trust, pride and camaraderie people can experience working at a co-op make it worth the effort. CDS Consulting Co-op is dedicated to supporting your co-op to make and maintain a great workplace. It’s our passion.

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