The Cooperative Difference is Your Competitive Advantage

 Ownership is what distinguishes cooperatives from other businesses, and what creates value and benefit to people in local communities. It’s why co-ops operate with their customer’s best interests as their focus. It’s how cohesion in neighborhoods is built and sustained. Every co-op needs a strong membership program that will serve [...]

POP Report: Register Round Up

Key Insights Round up is an extremely successful, simple way of collecting donations for partner organizations. Making the ask mandatory is the best way to ensure cashier compliance and consistency. Incentivizing cashiers and making goal achievement fun and rewarding can make a difference in buy-in and outcomes. Co-ops may want [...]

POP Fosters Strong Relationships to Drive Growth of Co-ops

Many cooperatives have built their reputations on the strong connection that they have with people—their staff, owners and customers.  This special relationship is one of most attractive features of cooperation, but just because that may be true doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved or isn’t ever at risk.  Especially [...]

Activating ‘New-Style’ Participation

Weaver Street Market Carrboro, NC Year founded:  1988 Member equity requirement:  $75 individual, $135 couple, $175 three or more Number of members:  18,000 consumer-owners, 210 employee-owners Number of staff:  250 Number of locations:  3 retail stores and Food House commissary kitchen Over the years, Weaver Street Market has enjoyed significant [...]