Distinguishing Characteristics: Utilizing the Power of Produce to Stand Out from the Crowd

By James Morrell 190 May-June 2017 Keeping it fresh: a vibrant and fresh produce department is a key part of most natural food cooperatives, and a positive produce experience is the primary reason given by shoppers for their choice of a specific store or location. A healthy produce department offers a [...]

Promoting “Local” Starts with Cultivating Relationships

By now it’s become all-too-familiar.  National chains and conventional grocery competitors tout their local food selection to gain market share.  Instead of actually sustaining relationships with local producers, a lot of these operations are creating a “local” mirage promoted by slick signage and the strategic placement in their stores of [...]

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Give Where You Live: Impact of a Cooperative Community Fund

By Patricia Cumbie 175 November-December 2014 When cooperatives work together to set aside funds to benefit groups in their local communities, the impact is multiplied. That’s what food cooperatives have discovered when they have established their own cooperative community fund through the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation’s “Give Where You Live” [...]

Promoting Passion for Fresh, Local, and Organic

What makes a grocery store great? We know that the basics include a convenient location, good customer service and quality products. While every department plays its part in that equation, it is often the fresh departments, like meat and produce especially, that contribute to a store’s reputation in the ­community. [...]

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The Northeast Network: A Participatory Model

Amy Fields, General Manager Eastside Food Co-op, Minneapolis, MN   The Eastside Food Co-op have emerged as innovators in participation and engaging their owners.  Listen to Amy and get inspired as she explains the model and what it has done for NE Minneapolis.

Why Grow Co-ops: The Social + Economic Benefits

Doug Hoffer, State Auditor of Vermont   In terms that economists and policy-makers can appreciate, Doug Hoffer enumerates a handful (but certainly not all) of the benefits to local communities and economies of growing cooperative enterprises of all sorts.

Great Idea: Boards Discussing The Cooperative Solution

E.G. Nadeau has just released a new book on how cooperation is part of the solution for a recession-proof economy, filling the gaps in income equality, and protecting the environment. InThe Cooperative Solution, Nadeau explains the consequences of our current economic system, and the role U.S. cooperatives can play toward [...]

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