Co-op Economy

Creating a Cooperative Economy

In stock-owned businesses, such as those you find on Wall Street, owners can live anywhere. They never have to use the goods or the services that the company offers. For instance, you can own stock in McDonald’s and never eat there, or own shares in Walmart and never shop there. [...]

Featured Video: Doug Hoffer—Why Grow Co-ops

Ever wonder how an economist would coach you to talk about growing your co-op? Now’s your chance! In this five-minute video=, Doug Hoffer, economic researcher and the State Auditor of Vermont, does a quick download of most of the key talking points supporting the opportunity to grow our co-ops.   [...]

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Meet Adam Schwartz: Co-op Advocate

Adam Schwartz has spent his career advocating for co-ops and promoting their value to industry leaders and consumers. Schwartz’s background in lobbying and public policy was critical in convincing Congress to fund the first-ever in-depth research project on the economic impact of cooperatives, conducted by the University of Wisconsin Center [...]

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Why Grow Co-ops: The Social + Economic Benefits

Doug Hoffer, State Auditor of Vermont   In terms that economists and policy-makers can appreciate, Doug Hoffer enumerates a handful (but certainly not all) of the benefits to local communities and economies of growing cooperative enterprises of all sorts.

Paradigm For a New Economy: “Imagine” and the 2012 International Summit of Cooperatives

By Patricia Cumbie 164 Jan-Feb 2013 Nearly 2,800 cooperators from 91 countries converged on Quebec City, Canada, for the 2012 International Summit of Cooperatives under the theme, "The Amazing Power of Cooperatives," in October this past year. The summit aimed to promote the development and performance of co-ops and to [...]

Great Idea: Boards Discussing The Cooperative Solution

E.G. Nadeau has just released a new book on how cooperation is part of the solution for a recession-proof economy, filling the gaps in income equality, and protecting the environment. InThe Cooperative Solution, Nadeau explains the consequences of our current economic system, and the role U.S. cooperatives can play toward [...]

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Is the Economy an Angry God?

Tom Webb, Manager Masters of Cooperatives and Credit Unions at St. Mary's University   Halifax, NS, Canada   Professor Webb has unique perspectives which he brings to the topic of the Cooperative Difference [chapter 1]. He shares with us his compelling vision for a truly Cooperative Economy [chapter 2].  And poses [...]

Seeing the Cooperative Landscape, Growing the Cooperative Economy

Erbin Crowell, Executive Director Neighboring Food Co-op Association   Erbin describes a shift in perspective from "My Co-op" to "Our Co-ops," and helps us see the cooperative landscape and the cooperative economy. He shows the density of co-ops in New England and New York (almost 9.000!), and addresses the potential [...]

A Co-op Case Study

Adam Schwartz, Consultant The Cooperative Way + CDS Consulting Co-op   Springfield, VA   Co-ops have been known to come up with some pretty amazing solutions to the ongoing challenge of competing in the open market. In this quick presentation Adam Schwartz takes us on a tour of some of these inspiring and [...]