New in the Library: De-Mystifying Ends

michael-ninaBy Michael Healy and Nina Johnson

Accountability is a key ingredient in a healthy democratically controlled cooperative, and clearly crafted policy is a first step in a robust accountability system. This is especially true with the policy that articulates the co-op’s purpose, the Ends policy.

What role do Ends policies play within the Policy Governance model? How can a board write Ends policies that function well? What doesn’t belong in an Ends policy, even though it’s important? Can we craft a policy that is aspirational enough without being too pie-in-the-sky?

In this online recorded workshop we’ll look at some examples of “before and after” Ends policies, showing how boards can simplify and clarify their policy as a way to provide more focused leadership for their co-op. Hear from directors and managers who have worked through a policy revision process and who have seen a difference in how they think, talk and report about their Ends.

Michael and Nina’s Demystifying Ends online recorded workshop is in the library now.

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