Mentoring the Expansion Process

The fire-walker Tony Robbins says that when you want to learn something, go to the experts. For example, if you want to walk on hot coals (c’mon you know you want to!) you should study not only the how-to, but understand the way your mentor thinks, before you head out to do it yourself.

Of course, Robbins’ advice feels very “no duh” in the context of an activity involving flames and personal endangerment. Whether or not you believe in the possibility of fire-walking yourself, the takeaway is this—the thinking behind the process is as important as the activity itself—and could possibly save you a lot of potential hardship.

When Jeanie Wells at Community Mercantile in Lawrence, Kansas brought in CDS consultant Denise Chevalier for her $1.6 million renovation project she said, “Her perspective was so valuable. It was the single most important thing.” Given the challenges of expansion projects, some general managers would probably agree that leading expansions and fire-walking feel about the same. Whether you hire outside assistance or rely on experienced peers, why walk alone?

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