Margin Management Workshop

A two-day margin management workshop to enhance your management staff’s margin knowledge and your co-op’s margin performance.

  • Enhance your department managers’ pricing/gross profit achievement skills
  • Learn how to set realistic benchmarks for department margins
  • Consistently achieve your desired margin
  • Create the competitive price image you desire

Mel Braverman of Cooperative Development Services offers this two-day Margin Management Workshop that analyzes your current margin strategy and provides suggestions on how to improve that strategy.

Mel will examine your financial data, conduct phone interviews with managers, make an assessment of your current needs and tailor the workshop to meet your objectives.

The workshop includes one day in a group setting followed by one day of one-on-one meetings to ensure your team will be able to use the tools effectively. Mel will work with each department manager to create an individualized work plan. This program will help you be more prepared for your expansion project or help you make the store you’re in more profitable.

Mel Braverman,, 608-243-3255

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