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During production of this issue of Solutions my home office was being remodeled. I worked out of boxes, scheduled what felt like clandestine wi-fi hookups at the neighborhood café to get and send emails. I sat in my dining room one day trying to make a list of my day’s activities while listening to the roar of the floor sander overhead. What kept me sane were the conversations I got to have in more tranquil moments about collab­orative projects and co-op developments happening around the country.

Time and time again I am impressed by the people who choose to commit their talents to our movement. I feel inspired and renewed after talking with them. There’s nothing more gratifying than engaging in meaningful conversations with erudite people actively making the world a better place—and be lucky enough to call it your job. It gets me fired up.

Fortunately, many of us working, shopping, and participating in “co-op” do have such opportunities to discuss, meet, act and look beyond the immediate to what will benefit the future for many. This issue of Solutions reflects CDS’s last 20 years and how they’ve been helping co-ops organize. The consultants and staff of CDSgive credit to all the people they’ve worked with over the years for their success, sending heartfelt gratitude and thanks to everyone. Read on to find out what CDS has set out to ­accomplish and how it’s really only the beginning for more co-op ­development.

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