Holiday Meat Merchandising and Promotions

meat counter web-mississippi marketHolidays are critical times to increase your product selection and improve meat merchandizing.  This is the time of year to attract customers seeking specialty items, or meats for traditional meals, like turkey for Thanksgiving, and lamb or ham for Christmas and New Year celebrations.  The two holidays bring in high meat department sales from both existing and new customers.


MeatUse any space available, including setting up a rack for shelf-stable items like sauces and spice blends, oven bags and poultry twine.  Dual temp cases and spot freezers are always a great way to extend your product lines and offer additional variety and merchandising options through the holiday months.  Additionally, promote your meat and seafood department through social media, websites and local and regional newspapers.  Continue to demo products regularly for customers so they can experience the quality of the meats and learn how to prepare them.
Holiday planning should include:  cooking instructions for customers, holiday planograms and placement, variety updates, vendor deals, sale ad development, and retail pricing updates.  Contact Pete Hodgson for help so your co-op’s meat and seafood department reaches its full potential this holiday season.

Pete Hodgson
Meat & Seafood Consultant

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