Great Idea: Think Ahead About Board Communication and Process

There are two new resources in the CBLD Library on communication and process issues. Thane Joyal builds on Max Saito’s tips for effective communication with a Field Guide on Best Practices for Electronic Communication, and Thane and Todd Wallace have produced a 20-minute recorded presentation on Board Holism.

Field Guide: Best Practices for Electronic Communication
Be aware! Electronic communication is “Instantaneous/Everywhere/Forever”
By Thane Joyal

thane-joyalWith special thanks to Max Saito and his friends on the board at River Valley Market (Jade Barker, Barbara Fingold, Marci Linker, Claire Morenon).

Many boards of retail food cooperatives rely heavily on electronic communication tools to handle logistic and administrative matters and to share and store board documents. For a board with strong communication skills, properly used electronic tools facilitate the administrative details of board service. For boards working to build trust and communication skills, email in particular can create or add to misunderstandings.

The Field Guide includes:

  • Electronic communication basics
  • Electronic communication fundamentals
  • Important email considerations
  • Email practicalities
  • Technology strategy
  • Email tips and tricks

Find the Field Guide here

Recorded presentation: The Significance of Board Holism
By Todd Wallace and Thane Joyal

todd-wallace_0Board holism refers to the seemingly simple practical necessity that the board speak with one voice. In this 18-minute recording, Todd Wallace and Thane Joyal explore the nuances and complexity of this simple principle and offer practical suggestions to guide your board in making it a reality.

Find the presentation here

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