Featured Video: Cracking Open the “Serve” Nut

Within the framework of co-op participation developed by the CDSCC that includes what it means to own, use, serve and belong to your co-op, the concept of service seems challenging. Most average members consider themselves too busy to serve, at least in traditional ways like being a member of the board or co-op staff. In this smart and informative video, Leslie Watson shows us that service can actually be a much broader concept encompassing far more people than the ones who we typically think are in service to the co-op.

“There are many ways people serve all the time,” Watson said. “Our job is to connect their behaviors to that concept of service.” For example, shopping at the co-op is an excellent way to serve the co-op. “So the next time you’re in the co-op and you need to buy some ice cream, you can say ‘I gotta do this’ so I can serve my cooperative,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. Ultimately she said, the best way for everyone to serve their co-op is to tell the co-op story. “Telling the co-op story is a form of service that becomes a really powerful way to elevate the co-op and bring more people in.”

Watch the video here

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