Featured Co-op Cafe Video: Share Values and Grow Community

Kevin Edberg, executive director of Cooperative Development Services, speaks about how the shared values of cooperation have always been at the forefront of cooperative success. In this video, Edberg walks viewers through a discussion of different historical epochs—the Industrial Revolution, Post-WWII, and the impact of globalization and technology on today’s world—and how times of transformation and competition represent great possibility for cooperatives. “Our principles as cooperative businesses give us insight and opportunity today that is just as important and meaningful as it was to the Rochdale weavers,” Edberg said of the Cooperative Principles and the people who founded them.

Edberg said that those principles and values are the key to gaining the competitive advantage and driving a co-op economy, and he believes it starts with building a shared understanding of cooperative ownership. “For those who are co-op board members or managers, it’s important to drive those conversations deep into our cooperatives to the co-op’s owners,” he said.

Watch the video here. (8 minutes)

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