Cooperative Cafe Roundup Videos: Connecting Co-ops & Communities

We are very excited to share with you the video roundup of our Cooperative Cafe sessions of 2014. Hundreds of people around the country in Asheville, NC, Portland, OR, Sacramento, CA and Rochester, MN got together to discuss the question of the day: How can we begin to shape cooperative democracy and participation as a driving force for the success of our co-ops?

The Cooperative Cafe is an energizing day of focused conversations held by small groups who distill their discussions and share them with the other participants. The purpose is to advance our thinking, build shared understanding, and create alignment within and among cooperatives. The roundup videos are each about 5 minutes long, and provide a synopsis of the great ideas and energy generated at the Cooperative Cafes.

What people have to say will knock your socks off, get you thinking, and encourage your co-op to expand its involvement. Once you see the videos you’ll probably want to come to the next Cooperative Cafe near you, too.

Who should attend?

Directors, managers, membership and marketing leaders, staff, committee members and anyone involved in your co-op’s relationship with members and community

Special thanks to the National Cooperative Grocers for sponsoring the Cooperative Cafe series.

View the Cooperative Cafe Roundup in the CBLD Library.

Cooperative Cafe
10/18/14 – Albuquerque, N.M.
10/25/14 – Mt. Pleasant, Mich.
11/1/14 – Philadelphia, Pa.
3/7/15 – Keene, N.H.
3/14/15 – Sacramento, Calif.
3/21/15 – Eau Claire, Wis.
3/28/15 – Asheville, N.C.

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