Co-op Is Number One

It’s a simple and elegant concept: The co-op comes first. This is Diedrie Lang’s approach to decision-making that has helped her create a work culture at Kootenay Co-op that is based on mutual respect and transparency. If everyone understands that their number one priority is the continual improvement of the co-op on behalf of its members, then the co-op will achieve a fully-functioning empowerment and accountability stream that will benefit all of its stakeholders.

When you think about the criteria for decision-making based on the co-op’s needs to grow and sustain itself, the concept pretty much takes care of everything. How you answer the telephone to whether or not to expand are already covered—what’s in the best interest of the co-op? That’s not to say the work is not challenging or there won’t be disagreements, but knowing up front what your number one priority is goes a long way toward agreement and collaboration.

Our CDS CC consultants have a strong systems approach to their work that helps foster efficiency and communication. Their approach is to make your co-op number one, to help you find the resources and means to implement all that your co-op’s owners want for a sustainable future.

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