Co-op Connections


Paul Hazen, CEO, National Cooperative Business Association (and UN International Year of the Cooperative)
Charles Gould, Director General, International Cooperative Alliance
Robynn Shrader, CEO, National Cooperative Grocers Association (and NCGA DC)
Stuart Reid, Executive Director,  Food Co-op Initiative
Marilyn Scholl, Manager, CDS Consulting Co-op
Kevin Edberg, Executive Director, Cooperative Development Services (and Cooperation Works)


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1.  Intro + NCBA with Paul Hazen

2.  ICA with Charles Gould

3.  NCGA with Robynn Shrader

4.  Food Co-op Initiative with Stuart Reid

5.  CDS Consulting Co-op with Marilyn Scholl

6.  Cooperative Development Services with Kevin Edberg + Q&A


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