Co-op Cafe – Keene – 2018

We had a great day of conversation focused on the theme Expand the Vision of “We” in Keene, NH61 people including staff, managers and directors from 24 co-ops participated

Thank you for contributing during the day – adding your insights, perspectives and quilt squares!

If you’d like a full size, 31×80 Co-op Cafe Quilt from this event (it looks great!) please contact Mark Goehring.

Here are the videos shown at the event:

What ‘Everyone Welcome’ Means – Sarah Hannigan, Whole Foods Co-op, Duluth

Recordings of the short presentations will be available soon in the Co-op Cafe section of the CDS CC Library. Recordings of ALL Co-op Cafe presentations are available in the CDS CC Library, so feel free to look around once you’re there.

Cafe presentations and event pages are available here.

This series is sponsored by National Co+op Grocers (NCG), with additional support from National Cooperative Bank (NCB), and produced by the CDS Consulting Co-op as a series of regional events making it possible for cooperators, whatever their role or position, to come together with other cooperators to participate in a day of strategic conversation.

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