Close the Gap with CoCoGap

Does your co-op need to improve its operations and be more efficient? Would you like to increase profits and cash? Close the gap between your co-op’s performance and what the best operators can achieve by using the CoCoFiSt tools that can help you implement a plan to accomplish your goals.
Using the CoCoFiSt tools, and CoCoGap, we can work with your department managers to:

  1. Deepen each manager’s understanding of how a department’s key indicators (sales, margin, SPLH, labor %, inventory turns) compare to the industry.
  2. Assess each department’s operational condition to determine if the department performance could be improved.
  3. Eucate each manager towards understanding the factors that impact each key indicator performance.
  4. Assist each manger with determining specific tactics they can use to address any shortfalls or desired gains.
  5. Assist each manger in preparing a work plan to implement desired ­tactics within a specified timeline.

For more information, contact Mel Braverman: or 608-243-3255.

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