Changing the World Through Metrics

Many food cooperatives have learned to manage the dynamic tension between commerce and changing the world to be successful at fulfilling multiple bottom lines. For as long as the new wave food co-ops have been open, they have striven to lead by example, to be the doers of good works that benefit their member owners and their communities. Good intentions and lots of effort aside, the question remains, how do you really know you’ve accomplished all that you said you were going to?

One of the most invigorating things to emerge within the food co-op sector in the last decade is the more widespread use of Policy Governance®. As board members and general managers gain greater facility using this model to direct and manage food co-ops, exciting things are happening. People are beginning to realize the value of the governance system and gaining greater organizational alignment through measuring outcomes.

As more food cooperatives engage in quantifying their fulfillment of the mission, they will have a clear launching pad for taking the co-op further than they ever expected

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