CBLD: Enroll Today to Strengthen Your Board’s Leadership

The Cooperative Board Leadership Development (CBLD) program is in its 10th year, with more than 90% of CBLD clients renewing each of those 10 years! We invite you to join us in a program that adds value to board work, heightens effective cooperative ownership and ­governance, and enriches a thriving cooperative development culture.

CBLD consultants, co-op boards and management work together to address governance priorities of individual co-ops participating in the program, and that work in turn strengthens the shared understanding of effective governance for the co-op community.

CBLD also makes it easier to connect with other board leaders from numerous regions at the in-person sessions, where participants can share information, gain new leadership tools, and participate in conversations about expanding our cooperative communities.

CBLD is a calendar year program with an annual fee and is designed to assist your board all year long. Full program ­information is also available here.

Or email Mark Goehring at markgoehring@cdsconsulting.coopfor more information.

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