CBLD 2013: Enroll today to ­strengthen your board’s leadership

Full program information for 2013 is now available here.

Boards have a unique and complex role to play in a dynamic cooperative economy, and the Cooperative Board Leadership Development program (known as CBLD and pronounced C-build) supports boards as they do this important work. CBLDconsultants, co-op boards and management work within the structure of the CBLD program to address issues central to effective governing of a cooperative, including those related to growth.

CBLD is an integrated and ongoing approach to board support. We invite you to join us in an approach that adds value to board work, heightens effective cooperative ownership and governance, and enriches a thriving cooperative development culture. CBLD also makes it easier to connect with other board leaders from numerous regions at the in-person sessions, where participants can share information, gain new leadership tools, and participate in conversations about expanding our cooperative communities.CBLD is a calendar year program with an annual fee and is designed to assist your board all year long.

Full program information is available here or by contacting Mark Goehring:


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