Aspiration—with or without Inspiration

The wheelchair-bound visual artist Chuck Close is known for saying, “Inspiration is for amateurs” whenever he’s asked about how he manages to be so productive. He claims to be truly inspired once or twice a year. Otherwise, it’s all about going to the studio everyday and working, despite how he feels.

It’s certainly easier to feel energized by a process when things are going well—the sun is shining, everyone’s getting along, and there’s money in the bank. Anyone who has worked on a project knows that it rarely works that way. Favorable conditions are really pretty rare. It is what we put into it day-to-day that is the stuff of making things happen, and that’s true in a good economy or bad.

Even if Chuck Close is right and inspiration only comes around once in a great while, we’re moved by the community of People’s Food Co-op of Kalamazoo. They’ve asked themselves the hard questions and changed their perspective on what they can accomplish through hard work. They’ve done so much to position themselves to expand in a community that’s now truly excited for them. It’s the outcome of the daily attention to what matters. That is where true inspiration comes from.

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