Customers – The Heart of the Co-op

Essential viewing for any cooperator wanting to stay on top of the latest efforts being made by National Co+op Grocers (NCG) to drive the food co-op sector forward with strength and sustainability.  Dave Olson, Co-op Development Director with NCG, shares the 2018 vision, which focuses on being great grocers, and [...]

Courageous Leadership Today Stronger Co-ops Tomorrow – Fall 2016

Facing heightening competition and increased pressure from member-owners, what does it mean to lead with courage?  Building off of his wildly popular talk from our last round of Cooperative Cafes, Dave Olson of National C0+op Grocers (NCG) returns with an updated overview of cooperative trends nationwide.  Round 2 includes an added emphasis [...]

Understanding the Changing Landscape

Dave Olson, of National Co+op Grocers (NCG) has a crucial message to get out to cooperators across the country.  Watch as Dave unpacks a ton of data, headlines, and graphs in order to give you a clear sense of where natural foods co-ops sit in the context of the broader natural [...]

Conventional Trends Matter to Co-ops

When natural and organic foods made their appearance in the grocery market over 20 years ago, most conventional grocery stores dabbled with selling them in their product lines.  Fast forward to today, and now big box retailers, convenience stores and conventional grocers have taken a massive chunk of business from [...]

The Coming Wave: We will need to fill more GM positions than ever before

By Carolee Colter 176 January-February 2015 As we all know, the baby boom generation is hitting retirement age. Roughly a quarter of the U.S. population was born between 1946 and 1964, and every month a quarter million more are turning 65. That age is not a magic number for retirement. [...]

Context Matters: Using Trends to Monitor the Financial Health of your Co-op

By Michael Healy When it comes to numbers and data, context matters. The context in which we place particular numbers helps us make meaning of those numbers, and this is particularly important when we are talking about financial data. Over many generations, managers and accountants have developed financial reporting tools [...]

The We / Me Cycle

Walden Swanson, Business Intelligence Analyst CoopMetrics + CDS Consulting Co-op   Andover, MA   In this talk Walden shares with us his latest findings, and the subject of a forthcoming research paper, on the sales trends of co-op businesses across decades. What he has uncovered in the data is fascinating [...]