Cooperative Ends, Impact, and Telling the Story

An individual member-owner or customer or vendor could probably describe how the co-op impacts their life: This is where I get the food that feeds [...]

Getting on the Train: Social media and co-op boards

By Holly Fearing 185 July-Aug 2016 Picture this: A person stands on the platform of a train station, and as a train passes through the [...]

The Spirit of Generosity

By Bill Gessner 178 May-June 2015 The collective progress in collaboration that the food co-op sector has achieved over the past decade has been significant [...]

Focus the Co-op Story on Community and Be ‘Caught Thriving’

Oryana Natural Foods Market Traverse City, Michigan The Oryana Natural Foods Market has a long history of community involvement. In one year alone, the [...]

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Case Study: Telling the Co-op’s Story through the Ends

City Market Onion River Co-op Burlington, VT Year founded: 1973 Member investment: $200 equity Number of members: 10,000 Retail square feet: 12,000 Number of employees: [...]

What Startups can Teach us About Participation

Suzi Carter, Startup Co-op Consultant Food Co-op Initiative, Harrisonburg, VA   Suzi shares the lessons that she has learned and some fresh perspectives on how startups [...]

Fostering Belonging, Creating Community

Patricia unpacks the idea of "Belonging" and ties it to the idea of connections. Building community, support, and passion doesn't happen successfully without belong.

Featured Video: Why Growth Matters

At the Cooperative Café in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 2013, participants discussed the question of growth and Sarah Christensen, general manager at GreenTree Cooperative Grocery in [...]

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Publicizing the Board to Owners and the Community

Linden Hills Co-op Minneapolis, Minn. It’s not a scientific poll, but one of the most frequently asked questions about the food co-op’s board is quite [...]

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Welcome Patricia Cumbie

We are thrilled to announce that Patricia Cumbie will be joining our team as an owner services consultant. She began her cooperative career as the [...]

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The Story Behind the Food

As food retailers look at what’s trending now, it’s that people will continue to pay more for products that they believe add value, things that [...]

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Featured Video: Ruffin Slater’s Excite, Wow, and Spread!

This month’s featured video in the Cooperative Café is titled “Excite, Wow, and Spread!” from Ruffin Slater, the General Manager of Weaver Street Market in [...]

Telling the Co-op Story

Liz Bailey, CEO National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA)

Telling Our Story: What Do the Members Think?

  Telling the story of the co-op is all about letting the community know who we are. That is an important and necessary component of [...]

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Case Study: Telling the Co-op Story

Seward Co-op Grocery & Deli Minneapolis, Minnesota Founded: 1972 Number of members: 8,700 Equity investment:$75 Number of staff: 215 Retail square feet:18,000 Seward Co-op Grocery [...]

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Co-op Connections II

Paul Hazen, CEO, National Cooperative Business Association (and UN International Year of the Cooperative) Charles Gould, Director General, International Cooperative Alliance Robynn Shrader, CEO, National Cooperative Grocers Association [...]

Elk Grove Case Study: From Home Run to Strike Out

By Patricia Cumbie 133 November - December - 2007 The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op (SacNat) location in Elk Grove, Calif., was a long anticipated state-of-the-art [...]

Competition Drives Co-op Improvements

By Patricia Cumbie, Data Analysis Team 132 September - October - 2007 According to most indicators from the past year, food co-op performance remains strong. [...]

Case Study: Communicating Co-op to Members and Consumers

Ozark Natural Foods Co-op Fayetteville, Arkansas Founded: 1971 Number of members: 4,400 households Equity investment:$140 per household Number of staff: 90 Retail square feet:10,000 Right [...]

Small Town Success from Building Membership

By Mel Braverman 114 September - October - 2004 The small community of Barneveld, Wisconsin (population 1,100), opened its grocery cooperative, Harvest Market Cooperative, on [...]