4 Pillars of Cooperative Governance Self-Assessment Tool

Boards can use this survey tool to do a broad, self-assessment of their own work. It utilizes the 4 Pillars of Co-op Governance as an organizing lens with some broad, key characteristics to fit under each Pillar: Teaming, Accountable Empowerment, Strategic Leadership and Democracy. By asking team members to fill [...]

Investing in Staff Satisfaction

By Carolee Colter, Helena O'Connor Don’t open a shop unless you like to smile. – Chinese proverb Embedded in the words of this proverb is the assumption that happy workers are good for business. Most of us have been customers in places where the employees did not seem to want to [...]

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Monitoring staff treatment using staff survey data

CBLD Policy Template and other resources (links to the CBLD Library) GM Report Support: Staff Treatment Related articles in Cooperative Grocer Colter, Carolee, and Mary Courteau. “Counting on Co-op Employees.” Cooperative  Grocer #141, March-April 2009. Scholl, Marilyn. “The Board Role in the Accountability Stream.” Cooperative Grocer #130, May-June 2007.

Great Idea: Survey Method Helps Share the Task of Board Policy Monitoring

At the Syracuse Real Food Co-op in Syracuse, New York, a quiet technological revolution is taking place that is helping the board use its time effectively as they work through the tasks of evaluating policy and auditing their performance. They are using the easy-to-use survey program Survey Monkey to do [...]

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Making Ourselves Accountable: Board self-evaluation fosters reflection, constant improvement

By Rose Marie Klee 150 September - October 2010 Board of directors’ self-evaluation is the act of reflecting upon the past in order to constantly improve. It is rooted in a sincere commitment to providing high-quality governance as trustees of an organization. When a board practices periodic evaluation, each director [...]

Sticker Shock and Accurate Rings

By Mark Mulcahy 133 November - December - 2007 I was standing in a produce department the other day stickering what seemed like thousands of tomatoes with little green stickers. A customer walked up and said, “Why do you do that? I hate stickers on my produce, they are a [...]

Invest in Success: Retail Operations Survey 2002 Report

By Patricia Cumbie, Data Analysis Team 107 July - August - 2003 If you don't think a grocery co-op could be synonymous with "cash cow," you may need to adjust your reading glasses before going any further. The financial data from 2002 indicate that cooperatives' position is viable and improving [...]

Market Strategy: Three-Part Research

By Peter C. Davis 105 March - April - 2003 Have you ever wondered, "Who is our competition and why? What is our geographic trade area? Are there things we could do better to satisfy or communicate with our current customer base?" These are among the questions to answer for [...]

Strong Results, Debatable Future: 2001 Retail Operations Survey

By Peg Nolan, Patricia Cumbie, Walden Swanson, Dave Gutknecht 101 July - August - 2002 Synopsis: Several years of data from the Retail Operations Survey, the Natural Food Merchandiser (NFM) "Market Overview," and annual reports of Whole Foods Market, Inc. and Wild Oats Inc. indicate that the natural products market [...]

Cooperative Grocer 1999 Retail Operations Survey

By Dave Gutknecht, Walden Swanson 089 July - August - 2000 We are pleased to present the new Retail Operations Survey, which reports double digit growth in co-op sales during the past year, along with higher than ever gross margins. Those operating margins were needed to cover higher labor expenses [...]