Refrigeration 101

Knowing the basics about refrigeration will help you communicate with specialists and make good decisions.

Interior Design Checklist

A checklist of what you need to keep in mind as you plan a new or remodeled store. Interior design is how your customers SEE [...]

Getting the Design Right

By Nicole Klimek 174 September-October 2014 The store design process is easy to research, and the basics are easy to comprehend: –Programming –Design development –Construction [...]

Development Timeline for Expansion Projects

This outline of development process will help you keep your project on track without forgetting any important step!

Equipment Vendor Resource List

A comprehensive guide to equipment vendors.

The Right Fit: Facility Considerations for your Co-op

By Debbie Suassuna 156 September - October - 2011 There are a number of characteristics that can add to or detract from a natural food [...]

Efficient Store Design

P.J. Hoffman has spent his career in retail and wholesale food cooperatives, and is experienced in all aspects of store operations and design. “All throughout [...]

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Preliminary store design

How and when to work with a store designer? What is a preliminary design and why do you need one? What store equipment will you [...]

Choosing the Right Location for your Co-op

Guest Presenter: Rochelle Prunty, GM, River Valley Market, Northampton, MA Why is location so important? What site characteristics should you look for? When do you [...]

Market Research: Projecting Sales Potential and Finding the Right Site

A professional market study will provide you with the best information on what you can expect in sales volume from your new co-op. Your bankers [...]

Store Design Manifests Co-op Community Vision

On a continuum of design complexity, grocery stores top the list. Unlike an office where the flow of work is usually very specific to certain [...]

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Case Study: Store Design from the (Uneven) Ground Up

Whole Foods Community Co-op Duluth, Minn. Founded: 1970 Number of members: 3,800 Equity investment: $100 per member Number of staff: 115 *Retail square feet:v 7,500 [...]

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