East Aurora: Early, Impactful Investment Led to Opening Co-op

East Aurora Co-op Market East Aurora, NY Founded:  2010 Opened:  June 2016 Number of members:  1,280 Number of employees:  25 Member investment:  $200 Retail square [...]

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When and Who to Hire (or Contract) for Startups

As a new co-op project progresses through the 3 stages of the development process and the workload and complexity of the co-op development process increases, [...]

Membership Growth Strategies for Startups: Common Features of Success

By Ben Sandel 182 January-February 2016 Gaining members quickly and efficiently is a major hurdle for most startup co-ops. A co-op is selling a dream [...]

Analyzing Your Store’s Systems

By Mary Myers, Walden Swanson 042 September - October - 1992 This is the third in a series of articles based on Business Planning For [...]

A Near Miss at Mississippi Market

By Carolee Colter 092 January - February - 2001 What went wrong? What lessons can other co-ops contemplating expansion learn from Mississippi Market's experience? By [...]

Bylaws Basics I + II

Branding Stage 1: Inquiry and Gaining Momentum

The Rewards and Challenges of A Startup General Manager

By Stuart Reid, Melanie Reid 178 May-June 2015 The current wave of co-op openings is likely to bring as many as 60 new co-ops in [...]

The Big Vision for River Valley Market

The River Valley Market Co-op in Northampton, MA has seen skyrocketing growth since they opened their doors as a startup in 2008.  Hear from their GM [...]

The Co-op Difference: Starting up in a Crowded Marketplace

Say hello to Maine's newest cooperative grocer, the Portland Food Co-op!  Board Member Chris Stacey takes us through their startup story, and shares valuable insights [...]

At the Hub of Community and Food

Soon to be South Carolina' first co-op grocery store, Hub City Food Co-op hasn't opened their doors yet, but already has a story to tell. [...]

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What is a Feasibility Study Anyway?

CBLD Policy Template for Startups

Growth Frameworks for Expansions and Startups Predicate Success

From September-October 2014 Let’s say you wanted to bake a cake. Chances are you would make a plan, choose a recipe and buy the necessary [...]

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Systematic Growth for Expansions and Startups

From September-October 2014 When we talk about building a better world through cooperation, one of the best ways to act on it is to systematize [...]

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Case Study: East Aurora Cooperative Market—Benefits of 4 in 3 Model to Launch Startup

From September-October 2014 East Aurora Cooperative Market East Aurora, NY Year founded and incorporated: 2010 Number of members: 910 Equity investment: $200 Opening goal: Spring [...]

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Preparing for Your Capital Campaign

Your Best Meeting Ever

What Startups can Teach us About Participation

Suzi Carter, Startup Co-op Consultant Food Co-op Initiative, Harrisonburg, VA   Suzi shares the lessons that she has learned and some fresh perspectives on how startups [...]

Save the Date! Up and Coming, Up and Running Food Co-op Conference

Friday, February 28 – Saturday, March 1, 2014
 with optional in-depth workshops and tours on Thursday, February 27 Trying to open a food co-op in [...]

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