Growing Leaders from Within

By Melanie Reid 186 Sept-Oct 2016 As co-ops evolve and expand and our industry continuously changes, it’s important that we have mechanisms in place that [...]

Two Sides of Accountability

By Sarah Dahl #187 Nov.-Dec 2016 Except perhaps for the lucky few of them still enjoying double-digit growth and staff satisfaction with wages, most co-ops [...]

Implementing a Livable Wage in a Competitive Market

By Sarah Dahl, Lauren Olson 183 Mar-Apr 2016 Half of National Co+op Grocers member co-ops surveyed are under pressure to increase staff wages, according to [...]

Complaints and Operational Concerns: How Directors Can Respond Effectively

By Michael Healy 182 January-February 2016 As a director, you may notice or hear things about your co-op that may be cause for concern—or are [...]

Co-op Leaders Comment on Visibility

By Carolee Colter, Helena O'Connor 172 May-June 2014 According to 2013 CoopMetrics data, 30 percent of member co-ops in the National Cooperative Grocers Association have [...]

The Co-op Difference Starts with Staff

Sean Doyle, General Manager Seward Community Cooperative, Twin Cities, MN   Sean shares his perspective as a St. Mary's Graduate and long-time GM on how to [...]

Engaging Employees in Open Book Management

By Helena O'Connor 169 Nov-Dec 2013 A few staff members crowded the back of the small room. Latecomers straggled in until most chairs were full. [...]

How do your employees really feel?

Happy employees are productive employees. They offer your customers a great experience in your store. They are likely to stay longer, returning many times your [...]

Why a Human Resources Audit?

By Carolee Colter, Helena O'Connor 161 July - August - 2012 An audit can be described as an unbiased examination and evaluation of systems and [...]

Balancing Employer and Employees

By Jeanie Wells 159 March - April - 2012 Food co-ops are known for being compassionate employers. Unlike some of our big competitors in the [...]

    Monitoring staff treatment using staff survey data

    CBLD Policy Template and other resources (links to the CBLD Library) GM Report Support: Staff Treatment Related articles in Cooperative Grocer Colter, Carolee, and Mary Courteau. “Counting on [...]

    Maintaining the Governance Position in Grievance Procedures

    How can the board express its values regarding staff treatment, and hold management accountable and be accountable to the member owners without getting directly involved [...]

    Great Idea: Evaluating Staff Treatment Policies

    Board president David Woo of Weaver’s Way food co-op in Philadelphia, Penn. said that while the staff treatment policy is part and parcel of all [...]

    GM Report Support 05: Staff Treatment

    Questioning At Will Employment

    By Carolee Colter 152 January - February - 2011 In the previous edition of this magazine (CG #151, November–December 2010) we read about the progress [...]

    Counting on Co-op Employees: Measuring staff satisfaction through employee surveys

    By Carolee Colter, Mary Courteau 141 March - April - 2009 Co-op managers want to know how their employees feel about the co-op as an [...]

    The Board Role in the Accountability Stream

    By Marilyn Scholl 130 May - June - 2007 Boards of directors are the critical link between owners and management in the accountability chain for [...]

    Monitoring the Manager

    By Mark Goehring 123 March - April - 2006 There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is commonly known to directors and managers. It [...]

    Home-Grown Talent: A guide to promoting from within

    By Carolee Colter 122 January - February - 2006 Promoting leaders from among your existing staff offers a lot of advantages. Surprises are minimized—the person’s [...]

    Can Co-ops Pay a Livable Wage?

    By Carolee Colter 104 January - February - 2003 Across the country a movement is building to demand a "livable wage" (or "living wage") for [...]