When and Who to Hire (or Contract) for Startups

As a new co-op project progresses through the 3 stages of the development process and the workload and complexity of the co-op development process increases, [...]

Restructuring the Co-op to Prepare for Growth

When you walk into a building for the first time, you may not notice the way the building is structured and how well you move [...]

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Project Management

Hiring and guiding a project manager/GM

When should you think about hiring? What should you look for? How to set up an accountable and empowering relationship? How to decide when hiring [...]

Developing and Managing a Timeline

What are the techniques and action steps you can take to develop, manage and revise a timeline that will guide your efforts? How do you [...]

Mentoring the Expansion Process

The fire-walker Tony Robbins says that when you want to learn something, go to the experts. For example, if you want to walk on hot [...]

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Project Stage II: Preparing for Leasehold Improvements/Construction

Now that your co-op has declared its intent to expand its current location, relocate to a new and larger site, or add an additional store, [...]

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Expert Project Management Through CDS

Denise Chevalier has been involved with cooperatives since 1985, serving on the Board of Directors, as store manager and interim general manager of New Pioneer [...]

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A Near Miss at Mississippi Market

By Carolee Colter 092 January - February - 2001 What went wrong? What lessons can other co-ops contemplating expansion learn from Mississippi Market's experience? By [...]

Clarifying Board and Management Roles in Expansion/Relocation Projects

By Bill Gessner 083 July - August - 1999 Many co-ops talk about the need to move or expand for years. Often it is all [...]

Project Management for Cooperatives

By Bill Gessner 046 May - June - 1993 Cooperatives undertaking special projects such as a move or major expansion should distinguish between "operations" and [...]