Promoting Passion for Fresh, Local, and Organic

What makes a grocery store great? We know that the basics include a convenient location, good customer service and quality products. While every department plays [...]

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Finding the Keys to Building a Local Food Program

There are a lot of ways to approach the discussion about building sustainable local food systems, but for a lot of food co-ops, it often [...]

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Sticker Shock and Accurate Rings

By Mark Mulcahy 133 November - December - 2007 I was standing in a produce department the other day stickering what seemed like thousands of [...]

Great Expectations: Ask it of your produce department, and it will come

By Mark Mulcahy 126 September - October - 2006 A conversation I often have with general managers and produce managers these days concerns how to [...]

Cultivating Local

By Mark Mulcahy 125 July - August - 2006 I recently experienced a series of events that got me thinking about where we are and [...]

Strengthening Fresh Produce Departments

Fresh produce is a big marketing draw for many food co-ops, yet there is a dearth of established training programs for improving performance. The Central [...]

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Keep It Fresh!

By Mark Mulcahy 117 March - April - 2005 What are you in the market for?” Although this common phrase is used in every context [...]

Field to Plate – Teaching taste to dietitians

By Mark Mulcahy 113 July - August - 2004 This time of year for many of us is a celebration of the senses, with the [...]

GMOs: We Can’t Ignore the Consequences

By Mark Mulcahy 111 March - April - 2004 Have you ever seen one of those silent movies where the hero is on a runaway [...]

The Farmer in the Deli

By Mark Mulcahy 105 March - April - 2003 Janet Zeller of the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op and I recently led a workshop at the [...]

It’s Winter, So Think Summer!

By Mark Mulcahy 104 January - February - 2003 Local produce programs have come a long way in the past few years. Nearly every department [...]

Sampling Equals Sales and Satisfaction

By Mark Mulcahy 103 November - December - 2002 Do you sample in your produce department? Not just occasionally, when a customer asks or when [...]

Produce Career: “If You’re Gonna Stay, You Gotta Play”

By Mark Mulcahy 101 July - August - 2002 Let's see if this sounds familiar: You set a great produce stand, so beautiful people don't [...]

Culture and Community Meet in the Produce Aisle

By Mark Mulcahy 100 May - June - 2002 For thousands of years people and foods from different cultures have been brought together at markets [...]

Got the AM/PM Blues?

By Mark Mulcahy 093 March - April - 2001 Do you have the AM/PM blues in your store's produce section? I recently bought a new [...]

Organic Cotton: Growing Need and Supply

By Mark Mulcahy 091 November - December - 2000 In the U.S., it takes about 1/3 of a pound of chemicals to grow enough conventional [...]

Produce: Train, Train, Train

By Mark Mulcahy 090 September - October - 2000 What aspect of most produce departments is not given enough time or resources, yet can have [...]

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Produce Section Time Management

By Mark Mulcahy 085 November - December - 1999 Reviewing how you spend your day can reveal some simple ways to regain lost minutes or [...]

Global Organics: Christmas Every Day?

By Mark Mulcahy 083 July - August - 1999 To everything turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn.... I was reading the [...]

Is It Locally Grown?

By Mark Mulcahy 082 May - June - 1999 Recently I had a couple conversations that I found disturbing. The first was with a new [...]