Policy Register Template Users’ Guide

Co-op boards that use Policy Governance® write policies as a way to codify their agreements for how they will work together, how they will delegate [...]

“It’s Not Really a Co-op”

By Carolee Colter 113 July - August - 2004 Co-op employees have high expectations of their employers. And they should. We claim to run our [...]

Video Field Guide: Connecting Policy Governance and the 4 Pillars

Use the Four Pillars of Cooperative Governance to increase effectiveness of the board’s work.

Video Field Guide: The Four Policies

Video Field Guide: What is Meant by a ‘Reasonable Interpretation’?

Policy Governance Quick Guide

In this new Policy Governance Quick Guide, you'll find an overview for how this operating system for boards provides an underlying framework on which boards [...]

CBLD Policy Template for Startups

“Planning and Financial Budgeting” Monitoring Report Template

From September 2014 Our CBLD team recently updated our set of template policies (which you can find in “Sample Policies” section of the CBLD Library) [...]

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CBLD Policy Template

Policy Governance FAQ

by Nina Johnson and Joel Kopischke Policy Governance® (sometimes abbreviated herein as “PG”) is a comprehensive model whereby governing boards establish their values and expectations [...]

New in the CBLD Library: What to Do With Unacceptable Monitoring Reports, a Field Guide

Boards monitor policy to find out whether their expectations are being met. A board needs to respond to an unacceptable monitoring report appropriately in order [...]

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Unacceptable Monitoring Reports

Boards monitor policy to find out whether their expectations are being met.  A board needs to respond to an unacceptable monitoring report appropriately in order [...]

Writing Ends Policies

Where we are headed matters. If we don’t know where we are going any road will do. A primary responsibility of a board is to [...]

New in the CBLD Library: Dealing Responsibly with Operational Concerns Field Guide

Field Guide: Dealing Responsibly with Operational Concerns by Michael Healy Directors who are diligently trying to fulfill their fiduciary duty regularly notice things within their [...]

Policy Governance Implementation

This Field Guide outlines the basic steps, timeline, and critical factors for successful implementation of Policy Governance (sometimes referred to herein as “PG”). When implementing [...]

Maintaining the Governance Position in Grievance Procedures

How can the board express its values regarding staff treatment, and hold management accountable and be accountable to the member owners without getting directly involved [...]

Acting on Ends Reports

When a board receives an Ends monitoring report from their manager, a thoughtful process can transform the report from just another document to file away [...]

Acting on GM Monitoring Reports

Taking Policy Governance to Heart

By Mark Goehring 141 March - April - 2009 A great cooperative thinker, Sid Pobihushchy, wrote an article in 2002 to help us understand the [...]

Fulfilling Our Intentions by Measuring the Mission

In the realm of publicly traded companies, share value is of penultimate concern to shareholders, and getting a return on investment is critical. Shareholders can [...]

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