Understanding the Fair Labor Standards Act

By Sarah Dahl, Melanie Reid 180 Sept-Oct 2015 The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, or FLSA, is a federal statute that provides certain protections [...]

4 tips for dealing with union organization at your store

Due to a recent proliferation of union organizing efforts, more companies may be finding out what it means to have store employees unionizing. If you're [...]

Romance in the workplace

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4 tasks for spring cleaning your human resources department

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Employees abusing sick days?

Employers provide sick leave for good reasons. Employees appreciate being able to practice good self-care while not losing income. When workers with a cold or [...]

3 ways to prevent communication catastrophe in your natural business

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Trial Periods for New Employees

Questioning At Will Employment

By Carolee Colter 152 January - February - 2011 In the previous edition of this magazine (CG #151, November–December 2010) we read about the progress [...]

Getting and Giving Employment References

By Carolee Colter 025 November - December - 1989 An applicant's past performance in previous jobs is one of the best indicators you will get [...]