Membership Growth Strategies for Startups: Common Features of Success

By Ben Sandel 182 January-February 2016 Gaining members quickly and efficiently is a major hurdle for most startup co-ops. A co-op is selling a dream [...]

Appreciating the Diversity of Member Needs and Motivations

By Marilyn Scholl 140 January - February - 2009 In my work with food co-op boards and staff over the past 30 years, one of [...]

Reaching the Co-op’s Owners

By Patricia Cumbie 179 July-August 2015 Food cooperatives have a special relationship with their owners and customers, but even the best relationships need to be [...]

Membership is Ownership: The Cooperative Advantage

By Marilyn Scholl 136 may - june - 2008 Interest in food cooperatives is growing, due both to increased interest in local, natural, and organic [...]

Best practices of membership programs

Learn what cooperative ownership is all about. We will discuss how to set up ownership programs, member/owner benefits, and other best practices that have proven [...]

Best Practices for Membership Development

Communicating “Co-op”

By Peg Nolan, Patricia Cumbie 103 November - December - 2002 Membership is at the heart of cooperation. Cooperative membership is the driving force for [...]

Building and Improving Membership Programs

By Karen Zimbelman, Marilyn Scholl 080 January - February - 1999 Members are the lifeblood of a co-op: a truism of cooperatives. Without members, a [...]

Seven Steps to a Successful Membership Drive

By Patricia Cumbie 064 May - June - 1996 The success or failure of your next membership drive hinges on more than signage, brochures and [...]

The Co-op Empowerment Stream

By Bill Gessner 063 March - April - 1996 Our cooperatives are truly empowering organizations, in origin and in practice, in vision and in mission, [...]