Strategic Alliances and Consolidations: Exploring cooperation among cooperatives

By Art Sherwood 186 Sept-Oct 2016 New competition. Shrinking margins. Tighter supply. Rising labor costs. Saturated advertising. Poaching of great employees. Competing in the natural- [...]

Are You Ready to Compete? A crowded marketplace is the new reality

By Mel Braverman, Nicole Klimek, Jeanie Wells 184 May-June 2016 In the back of our minds we knew that [insert name of competitor here] was [...]

Beefing Up Your Marketing Plan: Making sure yours is still relevant

By Nicole Klimek, Joy Rust 184 May-June 2016 As competition creeps up to #1 on the “food co-op worry list,” many co-ops find themselves wondering [...]

Analyzing Your Store’s Systems

By Mary Myers, Walden Swanson 042 September - October - 1992 This is the third in a series of articles based on Business Planning For [...]

A Near Miss at Mississippi Market

By Carolee Colter 092 January - February - 2001 What went wrong? What lessons can other co-ops contemplating expansion learn from Mississippi Market's experience? By [...]

Getting Started with Expansion Planning

By Bill Gessner 180 Sept-Oct 2015 Expansion projects for food co-ops fall somewhere between a labyrinth and a maze. With continuous improvement and development of [...]

What is a Feasibility Study Anyway?

Great Idea: Using Market Study to Reach Big Dreams through Effective Planning

Sales have tripled in recent years at the Tidal Creek Co-op in Wilmington, North Carolina, and the co-op has been looking into expanding and decided [...]

The Right Fit: Facility Considerations for your Co-op

By Debbie Suassuna 156 September - October - 2011 There are a number of characteristics that can add to or detract from a natural food [...]

Finding the Right Site for your Co-op

By Debbie Suassuna 155 July - August - 2011 When you are evaluating a natural food co-op store location, there are a number of characteristics [...]

Location, Location, Location

By Debbie Suassuna 154 May - June - 2011 When selecting a natural food co-op store location, there are a number of characteristics that can [...]

Understanding Marketing Research

By Debbie Suassuna 149 July - August - 2010 In order to improve overall sales performance and compete effectively against other food stores, food co-ops [...]

Choosing the Right Location for your Co-op

Guest Presenter: Rochelle Prunty, GM, River Valley Market, Northampton, MA Why is location so important? What site characteristics should you look for? When do you [...]

Case Study: Addressing Competition and Growth with Trade Area Analysis

Davis Food Co-op Year founded: 1972 Number of members: 9,000 Number of employees: 130 Retail square feet:15,000 Equity investment:$300 per household The Davis Food Co-op [...]

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Expand Trade Area and Grow Sales with Research Data

Good stories often start in the middle of the action. That’s where the good research you can use to build sales starts, too. Getting data [...]

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Thinking Strategically: Learning owners’ needs, expectations through study and engagement

By Marshall Kovitz 144 September - October - 2009 When we look at the future for the co-op, what do we see and how do [...]

Steps to Effective Store Design

By P.J. Hoffman 143 July - August - 2009 Is your co-op planning to expand, relocate or open a new store? The ideas outlined here [...]

Case Study: River Valley Market Finding a Home Between a Rock and Hard Place

River Valley Market: Northampton, Massachusetts Year Founded: 1999 Year Opened: 2008 Retail Square Feet: 11,000 Number of Members: 3,250 Equity Investment: $150 per household Number [...]

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Beyond the Adage “Location, Location, Location”

You hear it all the time. Location, location, location. It’s one of the undisputed truisms of successful retailing. Many an entre­preneur believes a good location [...]

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Market Research: Projecting Sales Potential and Finding the Right Site

A professional market study will provide you with the best information on what you can expect in sales volume from your new co-op. Your bankers [...]