Self-Assessment Tool: General Manager Success Profile

This assessment tool is designed to help a coach and a client prioritize areas for work together.  The assessment will help the coach get to [...]

GM Development Plan

    GM Development Plan by; Marilyn Scholl and Carolee Colter

Co-op General Manager Success Profile: GM Role Requires Core Competencies

By Carolee Colter, Lauren Olsen, Marilyn Scholl 183 Mar-Apr 2016 It takes a lot to manage a food co-op. Co-op general managers (GMs) are responsible [...]

Developing Management Talent

It’s hard to imagine a professional athlete or a world class musician performing well without good coaching.  The same concept applies in business.  No matter [...]

General Managers Speak About Value of Coaching

The to-do list is seemingly endless:  cash flow, team building, category management, board relations, reports, goal setting.  Many general managers report feeling pulled in many [...]

GM Success Profile

Increasingly intense and sustained competition in our market is shifting the landscape in which co-ops operate, putting a premium on certain key competencies and skills [...]