Code of Conduct Sample

Context Matters: Using Trends to Monitor the Financial Health of your Co-op

By Michael Healy   When it comes to numbers and data, context matters. The context in which we place particular numbers helps us make meaning [...]

Minimizing the Risk of Fraud

By Thane Joyal, Mark Goehring 173 July - August 2014 Loss prevention is a key piece of the retail grocery business. Co-op managers are aware [...]

Unacceptable Monitoring Reports

Boards monitor policy to find out whether their expectations are being met.  A board needs to respond to an unacceptable monitoring report appropriately in order [...]

Reporting During Expansion

Boards delegate to their GM the task of effectively managing the co-op’s operations, which requires a clear system of accountability to ensure the GM is [...]

Precautions and Protections: Summarizing legal responsibilities of cooperative boards

By Thane Joyal, Dave Swanson 153 March - April - 2011 As cooperative directors, it's important that we know our jobs. Some parts of that [...]

Legal issues for new co-ops

Learning objectives: the options and recommendations for food cooperative legal structure the timing and steps of legal organization the purpose and role of legal documents [...]

A Board’s Duty: Determining What is Reasonable

By Thane Joyal 138 September - October - 2008 The man in the wilderness asked of me, How many strawberries grow in the sea? I [...]

Legal Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities of Directors