Sources & Uses Template

Getting Started with Expansion Planning

By Bill Gessner 180 Sept-Oct 2015 Expansion projects for food co-ops fall somewhere between a labyrinth and a maze. With continuous improvement and development of [...]

What is a Feasibility Study Anyway?

Development Timeline for Expansion Projects

This outline of development process will help you keep your project on track without forgetting any important step!

Outline of a Workplan for Assessing Feasibility

Why (Some) New Co-ops Fail

By Stuart Reid 163 November-December 2012 The mayor spoke at the co-op’s ribbon cutting, and it seemed like the whole town turned out to celebrate. [...]

Preliminary store design

How and when to work with a store designer? What is a preliminary design and why do you need one? What store equipment will you [...]

Evaluating feasibility and planning for success 2

Learning objectives: the components of a feasibility assessment learn what goes into business planning learn the difference between feasibility assessment and business planning and when [...]

Creating a Development Budget: Sources and Uses

Learning objectives: the process and format for creating initial drafts of a Sources & Uses Development Budget how the Sources & Uses budget can be [...]

Cost and Complexity of Today’s Expansion Projects

You’ve got your goal set—the co-op is going to expand. The co-op needs more deli seating, an expanded meat department, rotisserie chickens, a juice bar, [...]

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Evaluating feasibility and planning for success

This presentation will help you to understand what needs to be in place for a new food co-op to succeed and how to plan your [...]

Market Research: Projecting Sales Potential and Finding the Right Site

A professional market study will provide you with the best information on what you can expect in sales volume from your new co-op. Your bankers [...]

Cooperative Development Services Welcomes Debbie Suassuna

During these turbulent economic times, there are many uncertainties that co-ops face as they expand within their existing markets or into new markets. Clearly, the [...]

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Know Your Market: CAT Survey Assessment Tool

The Customer Address and Transaction (CAT) survey is one the most useful tools for determining your trade area and market penetration. How the data is [...]

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Financial Pro Forma Is Early Step in Expansion Planning

It is very helpful to create a full financial pro forma early on in the expansion planning process, even if you haven’t had a market [...]

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Co-op Expansion Specialist Bill Gessner: Growth Through Systems

Have you ever been to a circus and watched the “spinning plates” act? The one where a person balances plates spinning on sticks, while using [...]

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Preparing For Expansion

By Bill Gessner 033 March - April - 1991 Losing Market Share? Many of today's retail food cooperatives now have a history of ten to [...]