Making Smarter Strategic Decisions through Board Engagement with Owners

When boards and management make decisions with the long game of co-op impact in mind, a powerful relationship with owners can develop. Strategic decision-making can [...]

Participation: Systems & Structures

Systems & Structures within a cooperative are essential to creating and maintaining strong communication between co-op stakeholder groups.  Rebecca Torpie shares some brief points about [...]

On Participation

In her work as a Participation & Engagement consultant for cooperatives, Rebecca Torpie gets to see many successful campaigns engendering authentic relationships between co-op stakeholders. [...]

Board Communication: Using the Board’s Unique Perspective to Increase Owner Engagement and Participation

There’s commonly a remarkable diversity among how the members of a co-op’s board of directors and how co-op staff see and understand the co-op. And [...]

4 ways to engage employees in your company’s mission

The concept of employee engagement has been around for many years. While similar to employee satisfaction, engagement is not synonymous with satisfaction. It’s possible for [...]

Who Decides? Owner Participation in Cooperative Decisions

Cooperatives are a shared asset, managed for the common good of the owners.  At its heart, cooperation is a human enterprise that begins with relationships, [...]

Including Members in the Ends Dialogues

How is your board spending its time? It’s easy to get caught up in the delegation and accountability portion of a board’s job.  Yet there’s [...]

Co-op Fair Brings Community Together

Weaver Street Market in Carrboro, N.C. is continually working to cultivate community connections.  They host multiple events every year, and the Co-op Fair is one [...]

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Alignment: Members, Co-op, and Market

Brett Fairbairn, co-op thought-leader, breaks down what it looks like when the co-op, it's members, and the marketplace are not in alignment and why it's [...]

People’s Expands: A Tale of Two Co-ops

Michelle Schry, General Manager People's Food Cooperative, LaCrosse, WI & Rochester, MN   Learn about the process, the challenges, and the triumphs of the unique "merger" [...]

What Startups can Teach us About Participation

Suzi Carter, Startup Co-op Consultant Food Co-op Initiative, Harrisonburg, VA   Suzi shares the lessons that she has learned and some fresh perspectives on how startups [...]

Invitation, Curiousity, Participation

Tom Mattox, Board Member Food Front Cooperative, Portland, OR   Tom Mattox gives a personal and compelling talk about new ways for us to invite genuine [...]

Growing Beyond Grocery at Mountain View Market

Shahid Mustafa, General Manager Mountain View Market, Las Cruces, NM

Bringing Open Book Management to Life at Just Food Co-op

By Melanie Reid 169 Nov-Dec 2013 Justice and Just Food Co-op in Northfield, Minn., opened its doors in 2004. Once the co-op had successfully navigated [...]

Open Book Management

Servant Leadership and Cooperation

By Joel Kopischke 167 July-August 2013 “SERVANT AND LEADER. Can these two roles be fused in one real person, in all levels of status or [...]

Engagement From the Grassroots

Bonnie Hudspeth, Outreach Coordinator Neighboring Food Co-op Association, New England Region   Following the successful opening of Monadnock Food Co-op in Keene, NH, Ms. Hudspeth [...]

The Northeast Network: A Participatory Model

Amy Fields, General Manager Eastside Food Co-op, Minneapolis, MN   The Eastside Food Co-op have emerged as innovators in participation and engaging their owners.  Listen [...]

Better Outreach, Better Engagement

Kari Bradley, General Manager - Hunger Mountain Co-op Michael Levine, Owner - Flywheel Communications Montpelier, VT   Hunger Mountain Co-op partnered with a local firm to produce [...]

A Nested Hierarchy of Engagement

Leslie Watson, Board Member Northeast Investment Cooperative, Twin Cities, MN Participation by all stakeholders is a fundamental force in cooperatives and other democratic organizations. The [...]