Employee Benefits

FAQs Regarding the New Overtime Rules

Please note: while these rules were set to go into effect 12/1/2016, implementation is currently being postponed pending legal review. The Department of Labor has released new regulations governing how salaries are handled under the Fair Labor Standards Act. They may affect how some employees are compensated in your co-op. [...]

A Perspective on Cooperative Wages and Values

By Melanie Reid 175 November-December 2014 Co-ops are not typically thought of as “the place to work if you want to earn a lot of money.” However, as values-driven organizations, co-ops have striven to face the challenge of pay head-on and with transparency. Co-ops aim to offer wage and benefits [...]

Updating Trends in General Manager Compensation

By Carolee Colter 156 September - October - 2011 Note: There are additional charts in the pdf version of the story. Several years ago in this magazine, Mark Goehring and I proposed a new process for management compensation (CG #134, Jan.–Feb. 2008). In a nutshell, we suggested that boards hold [...]

Setting a Process for General Manager Compensation

By Carolee Colter, Mark Goehring 134 Jan - Feb - 2008 What are some words that come to mind when you think of general manager compensation? Uncomfortable. Problematic. Crazy. Or: Exciting. Challenging. Strategic. Even though everyone might say that general manager (GM) compensation is important, it doesn’t always get handled [...]