Updating Trends in General Manager Compensation

By Carolee Colter March-April 2017 View data by downloading attached PDF. Data from 104 co-ops with annual sales ranging from $1M to $74M In 2006 [...]

Are you getting the best possible ROI for your personnel expenses?

Living wages. The rising cost of health care. Shrinking profit margins. More big-box competitors. There are many forces acting on the personnel line item in [...]

FAQs Regarding the New Overtime Rules

Please note: while these rules were set to go into effect 12/1/2016, implementation is currently being postponed pending legal review. The Department of Labor has [...]

Implementing a Livable Wage in a Competitive Market

By Sarah Dahl, Lauren Olson 183 Mar-Apr 2016 Half of National Co+op Grocers member co-ops surveyed are under pressure to increase staff wages, according to [...]

A case against ‘fair pay’

Natural foods purveyors often have an ethos to maintain as fair a workplace as possible--but it's important to make a distinction between what's fair and [...]

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Understanding the Fair Labor Standards Act

By Sarah Dahl, Melanie Reid 180 Sept-Oct 2015 The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, or FLSA, is a federal statute that provides certain protections [...]

FAQ’s about Wage Caps

By the CDS Consulting Co-op HR Team Food co-ops want to be great employers, yet we face growing competition that puts increasing pressure [...]

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Avoid these pitfalls when setting compensation for your employees

If you're like most businesses, payroll is your largest expense. How do you know that what you're paying your employees is enough to attract and [...]

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A Perspective on Cooperative Wages and Values

By Melanie Reid 175 November-December 2014 Co-ops are not typically thought of as “the place to work if you want to earn a lot of [...]

Great Idea for General Managers: GM Compensation Database

  The General Manager Compensation Database is a tool created by Carolee Colter and Mark Goehring to assist managers with comparison data regarding their salaries, [...]

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Does Merit Pay Really Work?

The idea seems simple. If you pay high-performing workers more than low-performing ones, the former will stay and keep producing at a high level, while [...]

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General Manager Contract Template

Updated: August 2nd, 2016 Every board of directors of a retail food cooperative should strive to be an excellent employer for their general manager, the [...]

GM Compensation Database

Working with Carolee Colter and CoopMetrics, and in ­collaboration with the National Cooperative Grocers Association, the CDS Consulting Co-op CBLD team has designed an easy-to-use [...]

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Great Idea: Setting a General Manager Compensation Process

No matter how skilled you are at negotiating, discussing executive compensation has the potential for making people tense or uncomfortable. The last thing anyone wants [...]

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Disconnecting Raises and Evaluations

Share employees’ “hidden paycheck” to communicate worth

Do your employees appreciate all you do for them? Do they recognize the value of the benefits you provide? Do they factor in those benefits [...]

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Updating Trends in General Manager Compensation

By Carolee Colter 156 September - October - 2011 Note: There are additional charts in the pdf version of the story. Several years ago in [...]

Strategic Method Redefines GM Compensation

  One of the most satisfying things most of us can experience is being fairly compensated for a job well done. It makes us feel [...]

GM Compensation

Resources for thinking and acting strategically using the CBLD GM Compensation Database Working with CoopMetrics, the CBLD team and Carolee Colter designed and created a [...]

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Evaluating the General Manager

By Mark Goehring, Carolee Colter 143 July - August - 2009   A board evaluating the general manager (GM) of a food co-op…now there’s a [...]