Analyzing Your Store’s Systems

By Mary Myers, Walden Swanson 042 September - October - 1992 This is the third in a series of articles based on Business Planning For [...]

Business Plan Outline

SYNOPSIS Executive summary. Write this last. Highlight key information from the plan-who you are, what you are going to do, why and how it will [...]

How Visioning Becomes Real

By Bentley Lein 124 May - June - 2006 Why do we continue to hear stories about boards complaining about the general manager and general [...]

Business Plans: Doing the Groundwork

By Mary Myers, Walden Swanson 040 May - June - 1992 This article Is the second in a series on business planning, based on the [...]

What Good Is A Business Plan?

By Mary Myers, Walden Swanson 038 January - February - 1992 Editor's note: This article is the first in a series of three articles on [...]

How to Critique a Business Plan

By Walden Swanson 010 April - May - 1987 "Business plans may be great for bankers and investors, but if companies really followed them, you [...]