Understanding the Meaning of “Speaking With One Voice”

By Michael Healy 189 March-April 2017 Boards of directors regularly struggle with the concept of “speaking with one voice”— primarily because the concept has a [...]

Striking the Balance for Co-op Success

By Mark Goehring, Rebecca Torpie March-April 2017 A truly successful co-op is one that not only runs a stellar store and keeps the books in the [...]

Self-Assessment Tool: General Manager Success Profile

This assessment tool is designed to help a coach and a client prioritize areas for work together.  The assessment will help the coach get to [...]

Good Reporting: Helping boards understand workplace conditions

By Michael Healy 184 May-June 2016 Co-ops bring to life their member-owners’ common values, and for most co-ops these include a desire for the co-op [...]

Co-op General Manager Success Profile: GM Role Requires Core Competencies

By Carolee Colter, Lauren Olsen, Marilyn Scholl 183 Mar-Apr 2016 It takes a lot to manage a food co-op. Co-op general managers (GMs) are responsible [...]

Complaints and Operational Concerns: How Directors Can Respond Effectively

By Michael Healy 182 January-February 2016 As a director, you may notice or hear things about your co-op that may be cause for concern—or are [...]

GM Success Profile

Increasingly intense and sustained competition in our market is shifting the landscape in which co-ops operate, putting a premium on certain key competencies and skills [...]

Operational Wisdom from General Managers

By Thane Joyal 181 Nov-Dec 2015 Successful cooperatives are guided by strong boards, and those boards rely on strong individuals to manage the cooperative’s business [...]

Components of a Successful System of Accountable Empowerment

Accountable Empowerment It is always important for a co-op board of directors to have good systems of accountability in place to provide proper and strategic [...]

Building a Strong Top Leadership Team: Creating and maintaining a healthy board-GM relationship

By Michael Healy 177 March-April 2015 In many co-ops, the manager and board of directors function effectively as a leadership team. Along with having systems [...]

The Coming Wave: We will need to fill more GM positions than ever before

By Carolee Colter 176 January-February 2015 As we all know, the baby boom generation is hitting retirement age. Roughly a quarter of the U.S. population [...]

Improve Trust and Teamwork Throughout Growth

The quality of the board-general manager relationship is one of the most influential factors for setting the tone within a cooperative. Positive and productive rapport [...]

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Establish Platform for Strong Cooperative Direction through Board-GM Relationship

The relationship between the board and general manager is of paramount importance to any cooperative because both parties provide a connection to the co-op’s main [...]

Case Study: Strong GM-BOD Relationship Promotes Co-op Growth

River Market Stillwater, MN Year founded: 1979 Member equity requirement: $80 Number of members: 4,300 Number of staff: 53 Retail square feet: 5,300 River Market [...]

Case Study: Outpost’s “High Five”

Outpost Natural Foods Milwaukee, Wisconsin Year founded: 1970 Member investment: $200 class 1 share Number of members: 18,000 Number of employees: 360 Number of locations: [...]

Strategic Alignment of Board and GM

Of all the important relationships in a cooperative, the one between the general manager and the board is arguably the most critical to the co-op’s [...]

General Manager Contract Template

Updated: August 2nd, 2016 Every board of directors of a retail food cooperative should strive to be an excellent employer for their general manager, the [...]

Building a Positive BOD/GM Relationship

Working Together to Realize a Vision: River Valley Market, Northampton, Mass.

By all accounts, River Valley Market, a startup food co-op in Northampton, Mass., has knocked it out of the park. Since their co-op opened in [...]

    Monitoring staff treatment using staff survey data

    CBLD Policy Template and other resources (links to the CBLD Library) GM Report Support: Staff Treatment Related articles in Cooperative Grocer Colter, Carolee, and Mary Courteau. “Counting on [...]