Videography Tips for Recording Live Presentations

As a professional videographer I am often asked for tips on how to capture great video recordings.  Since I know this is a question people [...]

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Gain Greater Participation at Your Next Annual Meeting

Annual meetings are the one time of year when cooperative leaders get to communicate face-to-face with members about the state of the co-op and its [...]

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The Human Shuffle

What’s the Headline?

Great Idea: Record Annual Meeting Activities for Posterity

This year Hanover Food Co-op in Hanover, New Hampshire celebrated its 75th anniversary. As part of their annual meeting activities in April, they launched a [...]

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Engaging Owners at the Annual Meeting

  Seward Co-op Grocery & Deli - Minneapolis, Minnesota At Seward Co-op Grocery & Deli in Minneapolis, Minnesota, they saw the benefit of bringing members [...]

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Annual Meetings and Annual Reports

The annual meeting and annual report provide our co-ops with a built in mechanism for telling the important story of how we make a difference [...]

Hanover Co-op Annual Meeting Keynote: Michael Shuman

Best Practices for Membership Development