When and Who to Hire (or Contract) for Startups

As a new co-op project progresses through the 3 stages of the development process and the workload and complexity of the co-op development process increases, [...]

Growth Frameworks for Expansions and Startups Predicate Success

From September-October 2014 Let’s say you wanted to bake a cake. Chances are you would make a plan, choose a recipe and buy the necessary [...]

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Systematic Growth for Expansions and Startups

From September-October 2014 When we talk about building a better world through cooperation, one of the best ways to act on it is to systematize [...]

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Case Study: East Aurora Cooperative Market—Benefits of 4 in 3 Model to Launch Startup

From September-October 2014 East Aurora Cooperative Market East Aurora, NY Year founded and incorporated: 2010 Number of members: 910 Equity investment: $200 Opening goal: Spring [...]

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Supporting the Diverse Needs of Startups

Cooperatives are known for giving back to their local communities. There are myriad examples of the ways food co-ops have supported positive change in many [...]

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Co-ops Create More Co-ops

There was a time not that long ago when food co-op startup groups could be counted on one hand. They were truly anomalies. There was [...]

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Great Idea: Startup Policy Templates Easily Set Up New Boards

For many years, startups looking for an organizational structure had to adapt governance policies from existing co-ops. It certainly helped, but wasn’t efficient to have [...]

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Effective Boards and Teams II: Teamwork, Process, and Decision-Making

Effective Boards and Teams: Structure and Accountability

Please refer to the Startup Policy Template referenced in the video

Co-op Technology Toolkit

Create Priorities and Build Alignment for Each Stage

Creating a Vision

Continuous Support for New and Expanding Co-ops

Challenges to food co-op development have been exacerbated by a tough economy, yet food co-ops are still making plans to start, grow and expand. Those [...]

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Preliminary store design

How and when to work with a store designer? What is a preliminary design and why do you need one? What store equipment will you [...]

Developing and Managing a Timeline

What are the techniques and action steps you can take to develop, manage and revise a timeline that will guide your efforts? How do you [...]

Choosing the Right Location for your Co-op

Guest Presenter: Rochelle Prunty, GM, River Valley Market, Northampton, MA Why is location so important? What site characteristics should you look for? When do you [...]

Capitalizing your co-op

What are the various ways to capitalize your co-op? What factors should you consider? How can you implement a plan to achieve the various sources [...]

Developing a shared vision and building alignment

What will your co-op look like in 10 years? How do you build a shared vision in your leadership group? How do you continue to [...]

Marketing and promotion

Learning objectives: the basics of branding -- it's more than just your store's logo what is meant by "target market" and why it is important [...]

Planning your member loan campaign

Learning objectives: an overview understanding of what is involved in planning and implementing a member loan program greater understanding of how to organize a member loan [...]