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Melanie Reid 2014

Melanie Reid is a member of the team offering human resources support services through CDS CC.

Melanie has a unique skillset: she has worked at a large established co-op as a human resources manager, and as the general manager of a mid-sized startup. She knows what it takes to implement brand new systems and how important it is for management staff to focus on understanding the big picture and how it translates to the myriad details different departments are expected to attend to.

“I really enjoy being in the stores and providing support for people when I’m there. Delivering staff survey results offers me a unique opportunity to learn about each co-op that I visit. We build a relationships so when you call me with a question about the employee handbook or hiring, it’s more efficient for all of us because I’ve been there.”

Melanie also noted that a lot of the food co-op startup groups are maturing at about the same pace, and those co-ops are needing HR support as well as project managers and general managers to take their co-op through its next phase of development. “I really love working with people on the hiring process,” she said, “because it’s an exciting phase of development and getting the right person can really impact the co-op’s progress.”

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