Great Idea: Using Financial Conditions Monitoring Templates

In the GM Report Support section of the CBLD Library you will find easy to use financial monitoring report templates.


Balance sheets, Income/Expense (aka profit/loss) statements, and cash flow statements are all excellent tools that can help managers manage. But on their own, these same financial statements do not necessarily help the elected board of a food co-op monitor the overall financial health of their business. Some additional analytic tools are needed to provide context and depth to help boards see the overall the state of their business—that then becomes the basis of sound governance decisions.

Michael Healy, CDS CC board trainer said, “A handful of clearly-presented charts on key indicators can provide the information and context boards need in order to assess their co-op’s financial and operational health.” Understanding the trends and implications of past performance will assist co-ops to get better at planning for and creating the future that they want.

For more information, go to Michael Healy’s Cooperative Grocer article,Context Matters: Using trends and comparisons to monitor the financial health of your cooperative

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