GMO Labeling Bill Update

allie-mentzer-pullout-2016-09In July 2016, congress passed a GMO labeling bill known as the Roberts-Stabenow “compromise,” in reference to the two senators who crafted it, and Obama signed it into a law.

This new law gives the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) two years to set up a federal system to regulate how foods containing GMOs will be labeled.  To learn what this new law will mean for consumers, check out “Avoiding GMOs: Four Easy Tips” on the Co+op, stronger together website.

“We are disappointed that the law will include an option to use digital QR codes,” Allie Mentzer, National Co+op Grocers (NCG) advocacy specialist said.  “Our preference has always been for clear, simple on-package language so that consumers can know at a glance if the product was produced using genetic engineering and have the information they need to make their own purchasing decisions.  We understand that many co-ops and their members may be disappointed, too, and we will continue to work within our industry and with our partners to advocate for the most consumer friendly implementation of the law.”

GMO LabelsNCG CEO Robynn Shrader said, “NCG acknowledges and appreciates the consumers, farmers and industry leaders, including many NCG food co-ops, who joined forces with our champions on Capitol Hill to successfully defeat much less consumer-friendly versions of the DARK Act.  We successfully brought this right-to-know issue to the forefront despite enormous opposition.”

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