GM Compensation Database

Working with Carolee Colter and CoopMetrics, and in collaboration with the NCGA, the CDS Consulting Co-op CBLDteam has designed an easy to use database for GMs to input compensation information and retrieve summarized reports.

The system has been designed to ensure confidentiality of personal information and yet provide useful co-op GM salary comparisons for use in compensation proposals for the board.

The survey is ready for GMs to input your data; the reporting feature will be available when enough data has been put into the system to pull a useful report and to ensure confidentiality.
As soon as you input or update your data you can go back and pull reports!



To access the survey form:









Go to the CoopMetrics website , click “member login” and input your username and password.

Under “Reports and Charts” click “My Surveys.” Click the link to input first round of data (see images above). Later you can come back and complete the survey again or view a completed survey (see below).

If you don’t have CoopMetrics username and password, or if you log on and don’t see what’s described above, contact Mark Goehring.

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  1. Johanna O'Tigham March 16, 2017 at 11:04 am - Reply

    Is the CDS Library available to anyone, or coop members or any coop or only NCG coops? If it is open to all coops please inform how to sign up. Thank you.

    • CDSCCLibrary March 16, 2017 at 11:51 am - Reply

      The GM Compensation Database is restricted access for General Managers of co-ops that use CoMetrics. Please contact Mark Goehring for more information or if you more questions.

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