Front End is Customer Service


Customer service is the top priority for the Front End department – everything we do in the Front End is customer service.  Having a well trained staff working interdependently ensuring that your customer’s experience is an excellent one is the goal for every store.  How do you achieve this while maintaining efficiency?  Below are a 3 ideas on how to ensure your Front End department is top notch.

Let’s Start with Customer Service – 
If customer service is the top priority, then you have to make it a top priority.  Develop a customer service policy clearly defining what customer service looks like at your store.  Hire staff that are motivationally fit to work with the public.  Include customer service training for all new hires and develop a system of measuring and rewarding excellent customer service.



Hiring and training systems – How do you know you found the right person?  Use the buddy system when interviewing – two minds are better than one.  Use behavioral questions as a way to make a better assessment of the interviewee.  For example, what part of working gives you the greatest sense of achievement and satisfaction?  When you do hire someone you are making an investment in them and adding an asset to your team.  Make sure you set up new hires to succeed by creating an in-depth training system that supports the individual.


Monitor labor as a percentage of sales and SPLH – The Front End department can be one of the largest departments in the store.  As your store grows so will your Front End. Make sure the budget doesn’t grow out of control by carefully monitoring labor as a percentage of sales and sales per labor hour (SPLH) by utilizing a labor analyzer that shows how well you are meeting customer demand.



The Front End department is a representation of your store’s brand. What message are you sending to your customers?

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