sean-doyle-v_1Sean Doyle is the general manager of Seward Community Co-op, a rapidly growing food co-op in Minneapolis, MN. Doyle is an energetic advocate for staff empowerment, and in this video he makes the case that greater co-op participation is enhanced when people are engaged in a workplace where the values of cooperation are in place and part of every workday. “When we talk about the cooperative identity, we often talk about the co-op principles, but just as important are the co-op values,” Doyle said.

Doyle said his staff’s goal is to “operationalize” the values and principles of cooperation. An engaged workplace is where co-op participation gains traction and radiates outward to co-op owners and the community. “You have to have that [participation] through staff empowerment, and to do that through the values of cooperation.”

Watch the video here (10 minutes)

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