Exploration of 2017 Themes II

We invite your participation in an exploration of the following themes for 2017.  Each of these themes connects to the Four Pillars of Cooperative Governance.

Exploration of 2017 Themes Part II
11/9/16 – 12pm CT

  • Overview of new approach
  • Building a Strong Board. Explore advanced processes for your co-op to consider in recruiting, qualifying, electing and orienting directors. (Teaming)
  • Co-op Impact! Co-op Participation! This 2017 Co-op Cafe theme will include many stories and conversations of the positive impact created by our co-ops and the diverse and widespread participation that produces that impact. So, in addition to sending a bus load of people to an in-person Co-op Cafe event you can also participate in online events on the same theme. (Participation/Democracy)
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